Monday, July 6, 2009

New is Good!

After my posting I sat and designed a couple of gift certificates for my etsy website. I had been posting on my banner for several months that they were coming. But, I was discouraged and never posted them because I figured it wouldn't matter anyhoo. . . no one was purchasing and my views were few and far between.

Well, I was dead wrong! I have a new person who hearted me and had been sending me several messages about my wrap dress being "Her dream dress". To my surprise and delight she purchased a gift certificate. This was my first purchase from the site that has been up for several months! When I opened my email and saw that a purchase was pending in paypal I almost hit the floor!

So, now I know for sure that trying something new or in a different way and having a positive frame of mind does work! It has given me courage to design more dresses, swimsuits, skirts, etc... AND get the work out and let people see my work! It makes no sense to make the items and keep them in a closet at my home. No one can see them or purchase them there! Duh!!!

I wore the cutest sundress on the 4th of July. It was one of my recent designs. My husband suggested that I wear it a couple of weeks ago when we went to Venice beach to walk. I didn't and I did not get any compliments or inquiries either. On the contrary, when I wore the dress my relatives and friends gave me lots of compliments, inquired about me designing one for them (in their size of course!) and my pricing. So, a closed mouth NEVER gets fed!

The word of God never changes, it is the same and will be for all eternity. But, He does meet you where you are. Everyone has different obstacles and needs. The same applies to us. If the first route doesn't work, cross the street or make a u-turn, it may get you faster! So my friends (and myself) use your talents and don't be afraid to step outside of your box. . . try something new. . . from my recent experience NEW IS GOOD! Yahoo!

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