Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I cut my grass yesterday and it looks absolutely beautiful, lush and green. I keep looking out of our sliding glass window at my garden. I have noticed that my Iris have grown, my rose bushes are budding new branches and also the weeds have come out in full force!

I thought that I would go out and start weeding today. But, I got lazy and I also got the design bug. Once I start designing a new item I cant stop until it is out of my system. I start creating something with a certain design in mind and then it takes a life of its own! For example. . . it might begin as a sweater and end as a skirt.

So.... currently the item started out as a long pastel striped dress and looks like it will end as a racer back pullover shirt. I will add a picture when it is completed. That may possibly be tomorrow since I am obsessed and am working on it every spare moment of the day! Lol!

As I was typing this and started talking about items beginning as one thing and changing into something else it made me think of humans on this daily walk of life. We start out as children dreaming to be doctors, lawyers, bakers, etc. . . then, as life takes its course our dreams and values change. During this time of recession I find that jobs are lost and adults are returning to school to learn a new trade or to complete their degree to become more competitive in the job market. Im thinking that another change should also be (if you are not currently doing this) is to spend more time praying, reading the Bible and meditating, preparing yourself for the next journey that the Lord is moving you to. The next level!

Change is scary, change is good, and change is inevitable! While spring washes out the old, while we are spring cleaning our homes, make sure we spring clean our lives (thoughts, dreams, actions, talk). Im sure you will be happy with what blooms when the rain dries! So. . . if you are feeling springy. . . make some changes for the better. Im sure you will be glad you did.

"Don't ever be afraid or discouraged! I am the Lord your God,

and I will be there to help you wherever you go"

Joshua 1:9 (CEV)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Beginnings!

Yesterday my middle child, Aysia, received her cap and gown for her Senior graduation. I am excited for her! It is the beginning of the rest of her life. But, I am sad for myself. It is hard to let her go. I see her blossoming into this independent young woman (which is what I prepared her to become) but it is hard for me to let her go!

I will be down to one child, my son Myles, who will be graduating next school year. I have waited 18 years (anxiously I may add) for them to leave the nest. Im not so sure if Im ready. It seems it happened overnight. My job title as "Mom" will be demoted. I will no longer see them daily or be able to share physically in their day to day activities, joys or sorrows. I am in transition and I thought I was ready. I am realizing Im not!

Since my job description is changing, I have found myself reinventing myself. I am a certified sign painter, but find that I receive more joy creating crocheted garments and accessories. It seems to consume any empty moment I have. I love it!

I was prom shopping this past weekend and actually saw a crocheted dress in a very high end retail store. It was very costly. It motivated me to create and branch out with my items. I am now striving to have my items placed in boutiques and rent booths at craft fairs and trade shows.

This cute lil teal halter top is one of my new creations. I am designing items that will be great for the summer months. I think it will go great with jeans or a cute mini skirt. I love the frilly ruffle edging it just adds a little whimsy. I think Ill keep designing. Its in my blood, I cant stop.
So. . . while my children are preparing for new beginning, I have joined them. I dont know what the future holds, but I am very excited! I know the road I am traveling can only lead me to the best life that God has prepared for me. Stay tuned! The best is yet to come.