Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Beginnings!

Yesterday my middle child, Aysia, received her cap and gown for her Senior graduation. I am excited for her! It is the beginning of the rest of her life. But, I am sad for myself. It is hard to let her go. I see her blossoming into this independent young woman (which is what I prepared her to become) but it is hard for me to let her go!

I will be down to one child, my son Myles, who will be graduating next school year. I have waited 18 years (anxiously I may add) for them to leave the nest. Im not so sure if Im ready. It seems it happened overnight. My job title as "Mom" will be demoted. I will no longer see them daily or be able to share physically in their day to day activities, joys or sorrows. I am in transition and I thought I was ready. I am realizing Im not!

Since my job description is changing, I have found myself reinventing myself. I am a certified sign painter, but find that I receive more joy creating crocheted garments and accessories. It seems to consume any empty moment I have. I love it!

I was prom shopping this past weekend and actually saw a crocheted dress in a very high end retail store. It was very costly. It motivated me to create and branch out with my items. I am now striving to have my items placed in boutiques and rent booths at craft fairs and trade shows.

This cute lil teal halter top is one of my new creations. I am designing items that will be great for the summer months. I think it will go great with jeans or a cute mini skirt. I love the frilly ruffle edging it just adds a little whimsy. I think Ill keep designing. Its in my blood, I cant stop.
So. . . while my children are preparing for new beginning, I have joined them. I dont know what the future holds, but I am very excited! I know the road I am traveling can only lead me to the best life that God has prepared for me. Stay tuned! The best is yet to come.

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