Friday, September 23, 2011

Vacation Time!

I recently returned from visiting my family in Oklahoma City, Ok. I havent been there in seven (7) years! It was just as I remembered it! As we were driving down the street I could recall different places I had been and homes that various family members lived in. That was crazy!!!

It was great to spend time with my Mom and Sister. I also got to visit my Aunt, Uncles, and my late brothers Mom. I hate that I didnt get to attend the funeral services for my Grandma and Aunty. It was weird visiting and not seeing them. Im surprised that I was able to handle it as well as I did.

My mother now lives in my grandparents house. It will take alot of time to restore it to a "NEW" glory. It is great to have memories, but I am sure that they would want her to make her own memories and live in a safe and sanitary environment. You see, my grandmother was a chain smoker and the house, carpet and walls are filled with smoke. She had the windows nailed shut and covered with paper, tape and furniture. I guess she was kinda parinoid as she got older.

The outside didnt look that bad, but I remember it looking better. I remember the weekend we had to go outside and prune flowers, cut grass, sweep the sidewalks, etc. These are things I love to do now, but hated with a passion when I was younger.

My sister's house was beautiful! My favorite part was her craft room!!! Im soo jealous!!! Between my sister and my friend Gayle, I dont know who I am more jealous of. Their craft rooms are the best!!! I guess I can identify with my sister's craft room the most . . she sews, crochets, is trying to learn to knit, scrapbooks and a few other things. She has accumilated so many supplies and has them so well organized. My dream is to have a room dedicated just to my crafts. Then, and only then, will I not repurchase items that I already have!!! Hint! Hint! (that's for my husband if he is reading this!!!)

I didnt want to go away. I have never taken a trip without my husband or children! EVER! And, I was really missing my new grandaughter, Katie! But, I must say that it was the best time Ive had in a long time! I didnt have anyone I was responsible for. My sister and I stayed up late crocheting, sewing, and learning. She taught me some new tricks for making the linings for my crochet purses, and we remade a fabric sundress that I love! I taught her some crochet stitches, how to make the purses Ive designed, and how to read crochet patterns.

My suggestion to you is . . . . take some time to get away! Even if it is just a weekend. Everyone cant afford to stay away for an entire week. I am thankful that I was able to do it. It was a long time coming and I promise I wont deprive myself like that again! I hope you get a chance to take a vacation. . . if you cant, read a book and imagine that you are in a far-away land. It will revive you and give you inspiration to create, crochet and learn a new trade. Can you see my smile over the internet?!!! Lol!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Better to Give . . . .

I am sooo excited! Today was my first Lovepetals Crochet Giveaway! The winner was Tamiko Jackson. She has been given the choice of three (3) different bags/purses to choose from. She hasnt decided but when she does I will post the decision and maybe a picture of her holding the bag!

I have been reading alot of blogs and sites on Etsy regarding boosting sales and getting more traffic to your website. I am very interested in doing that but I would like to also have fun along the way! I love to crochet and I dont want to lose that love getting caught up in sales and the lack thereof. I believe that when the time is right I will get the sales/recognition that I deserve (or at least believe that I deserve)!

This has been a week of change, discovery, surrender and cheer! I have implemented some changes in my lifestyle, thinking and daily practices. They have freed me, brought me happiness, made me realize that change is good and holding on to anger, self doubt, bitterness and things do not bring you happiness or success. So, my suggestion to those who may read my blog is to open your heart, forgive, give to others, make a needed change, surrender to God and see things change for the better.

"But see first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" Matthew 6:33

Thanks for stopping by and if you dont have anything to give . . . share a smile! Love ya.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back @ School Treasury on Etsy


Back 2 School!

Hey Guys, Sorry I havent posted in a few days. Ive been busy and feeling a little down in the weather. But, the good news is that the raffle is still in effect and the winner will be chosen tomorrow!! Yoo Hoo!
This is my last year with a child in High School. My son graduates in June 2012! But, I see all of the parents bustling around purchasing school supplies and preparing their children for the new school year. My oldest daughter and my grandson attended a meet and greet with his new 1st grade teacher. The torch will be passed to her and she will now be purchasing supplies in bulk and helping with homework, going to open house, etc. I will definately miss those days as the P.T.F. President and attending my daughter's trach meets, but we are all now moving on to a new phase in our lives.
Change is good but it definately takes some getting used to. I kinda miss my school days. One day in particular that I remember was in kindergarten on rainy days. I loved being able to stay in class and play games most of the day. I remember feeling really loved and cozy for some reason. The colors and lights reminded me of a warm fireplace. I know that is silly, but it did. :)
As a tribute to school days past and present I have created a treasury on Etsy. Treasuries are groups of beautiful items made by the creative people that have pages on Etsy. There are so many and they are sooo creative. This treasury is an ode to Back to school. Hope you enjoy it and check out some of the pages included. Share the love!
Have a great day and dont spend too much money on new school clothes and back to school items! Oh, and good luck on the raffle and please tell a friend. You have less than 24 hours! Smooches!