Friday, September 23, 2011

Vacation Time!

I recently returned from visiting my family in Oklahoma City, Ok. I havent been there in seven (7) years! It was just as I remembered it! As we were driving down the street I could recall different places I had been and homes that various family members lived in. That was crazy!!!

It was great to spend time with my Mom and Sister. I also got to visit my Aunt, Uncles, and my late brothers Mom. I hate that I didnt get to attend the funeral services for my Grandma and Aunty. It was weird visiting and not seeing them. Im surprised that I was able to handle it as well as I did.

My mother now lives in my grandparents house. It will take alot of time to restore it to a "NEW" glory. It is great to have memories, but I am sure that they would want her to make her own memories and live in a safe and sanitary environment. You see, my grandmother was a chain smoker and the house, carpet and walls are filled with smoke. She had the windows nailed shut and covered with paper, tape and furniture. I guess she was kinda parinoid as she got older.

The outside didnt look that bad, but I remember it looking better. I remember the weekend we had to go outside and prune flowers, cut grass, sweep the sidewalks, etc. These are things I love to do now, but hated with a passion when I was younger.

My sister's house was beautiful! My favorite part was her craft room!!! Im soo jealous!!! Between my sister and my friend Gayle, I dont know who I am more jealous of. Their craft rooms are the best!!! I guess I can identify with my sister's craft room the most . . she sews, crochets, is trying to learn to knit, scrapbooks and a few other things. She has accumilated so many supplies and has them so well organized. My dream is to have a room dedicated just to my crafts. Then, and only then, will I not repurchase items that I already have!!! Hint! Hint! (that's for my husband if he is reading this!!!)

I didnt want to go away. I have never taken a trip without my husband or children! EVER! And, I was really missing my new grandaughter, Katie! But, I must say that it was the best time Ive had in a long time! I didnt have anyone I was responsible for. My sister and I stayed up late crocheting, sewing, and learning. She taught me some new tricks for making the linings for my crochet purses, and we remade a fabric sundress that I love! I taught her some crochet stitches, how to make the purses Ive designed, and how to read crochet patterns.

My suggestion to you is . . . . take some time to get away! Even if it is just a weekend. Everyone cant afford to stay away for an entire week. I am thankful that I was able to do it. It was a long time coming and I promise I wont deprive myself like that again! I hope you get a chance to take a vacation. . . if you cant, read a book and imagine that you are in a far-away land. It will revive you and give you inspiration to create, crochet and learn a new trade. Can you see my smile over the internet?!!! Lol!

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