Thursday, October 6, 2011

I have been on a crochet frenzy this week. Well, let me correct that . . . for some time. I think it drives my husband crazy. I crochet morning, noon and night. I wake up thinking about a new crochet design and go to be visualizing a new dress, skirt or baby item. My brain is in overload!!!

While on vacation I completed a sundress that I recently added to my etsy website. To my surprise and delight I have a potential client that is considering placing an order for that dress in a longer version! So. . . . here goes my creative wheels again. . . . they are turning!!!

I have noticed that alot of shops on Etsy have patterns for their work. I create the items on my shop out of my head but NEVER actually write them down. So, when I begin to create this item I will write out a pattern and sell them on my shop. I believe that there is more than one way to capitalize on my God-given creative talent.

Writing patterns will be a new venture and require multi-tasking. But, I have needed to write out these patterns for some time now. I am excited and ready to try this and see if it is lucrative or not. Even if it isnt, I still need the patterns for my reference when making an item for my clients. This will help me to be more efficient and timely.

Stay tuned, I am thinking of occasionally posting a FREE pattern for one of my creations. I may also tape crocheting tutorials. I am willing to come out of my shell and comfort zone to realize my dream of designing and creating beautiful crochet clothing and accessories.

Im excited! Have a great day, Smooches!

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