Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back 2 School!

Hey Guys, Sorry I havent posted in a few days. Ive been busy and feeling a little down in the weather. But, the good news is that the raffle is still in effect and the winner will be chosen tomorrow!! Yoo Hoo!
This is my last year with a child in High School. My son graduates in June 2012! But, I see all of the parents bustling around purchasing school supplies and preparing their children for the new school year. My oldest daughter and my grandson attended a meet and greet with his new 1st grade teacher. The torch will be passed to her and she will now be purchasing supplies in bulk and helping with homework, going to open house, etc. I will definately miss those days as the P.T.F. President and attending my daughter's trach meets, but we are all now moving on to a new phase in our lives.
Change is good but it definately takes some getting used to. I kinda miss my school days. One day in particular that I remember was in kindergarten on rainy days. I loved being able to stay in class and play games most of the day. I remember feeling really loved and cozy for some reason. The colors and lights reminded me of a warm fireplace. I know that is silly, but it did. :)
As a tribute to school days past and present I have created a treasury on Etsy. Treasuries are groups of beautiful items made by the creative people that have pages on Etsy. There are so many and they are sooo creative. This treasury is an ode to Back to school. Hope you enjoy it and check out some of the pages included. Share the love!
Have a great day and dont spend too much money on new school clothes and back to school items! Oh, and good luck on the raffle and please tell a friend. You have less than 24 hours! Smooches!

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