Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grannies Gone Wild!!!

If you wouldve asked me last year if I would make something with granny squares I wouldve thought you were crazy. Now . . . it seems that most of the items I make are with granny squares. I think of things in my head while I am sleeping, driving, cooking, etc. It seems that I eat, sleep and drink crochet and most of it is granny!

I was given a photo of a granny square skirt that was in Vogue magazine, created by a major designer and it sold for $1,300! Amazing!!! I made my take on it with a cute frilly ruffle on the bottom. Since then I have seen so many different dresses, skirts, and recently a jacket in the Vogue Knitting magazine September 2011 issue. It seems that being a granny is the new in thing!! Well, I am a granny and have recently become a new granny! My grandaughter, Katie, was born on June 26th and is the cutest thing ever!!! I have one child left and then my job will be complete!!! Yeah right!

I am in the process of switching my thinking from Summer to Fall and Winter. I need inspiration. I guess I need to walk around, go to the mall and hit a few craft fairs. I get my inspiration around creative, crafty people. There are sooo many of them!

Beginning on Monday I will have a raffle for a bag of your choice (hobo or messenger) for anyone who signs up and follows my blog page. I will post the pics of each bag. The raffle will be held on Friday September 2nd. The winner will be notified via email so please be sure to comment with your name and email address.

Give your Granny a call, hug or take her out to lunch. I wish my Granny was still here! Have a great day and Good Luck on the raffle!

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