Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Joy and Pain!

I have been going through alot of different emotions during the last two (2) months. I have lost several relatives and close friends and celebrated life through award ceremonies, grad nites, baby showers and upcoming graduations. Im not sure exactly what to feel or what I feel.
On Mother's Day I was awaken by phone call which alerted me that my brother (Ronald Maurice Spears, 47yrs) died very unexpectedly. To this very day I feel the pain in my chest as if it happened yesterday. On May 28th my godmother/surrogate mother (

Georgia Loud, 54 yrs) died of stage four (4) brain cancer. On June 7th my grandmother (Eula B. Sheffield, 87yrs) and on Wednesday, June 8th my aunt (Greshon Baker, 78yrs) died. On each of these dates my middle daughter was either going to prom or having an award ceremony! So . . . I cried for a couple of minutes, sucked it up and put on a happy face.

This past Saturday my oldest daughter had a Baby Shower celebrating my upcoming granddaughter. That same day I attended the funeral of my godmother and missed the funeral (it was out of town) of my aunt. This coming Thursday will be the funeral of my grandmother, which I will miss because I must attend my daughters High School graduation the next day. Whew! Im tired just typing it!!

So. . . I have put my Etsy shop on vacation until I can get past all of the celebrating and grieving and get inspiration to create new and beautiful items for my shop. But, the best thing that I have experience through all of this is the meeting of two new friend on Etsy. I met one Tess @ www.bannerpaperscissors.etsy.com) because I added one of her items to my treasury. We started talking and bonded. She felt compassion for my grief and mailed me a free banner to bring my happy back and make me smile! (which I did). The second person saw my crocheted items and extended an invitation for me to participate in a craft fair. I told her that I was just thinking of giving up and she shared a sermon excerpt with me that spoke about gifts from God and being patient and not giving up. This inspired me because people dont usually share their faith with friends and family let alone a stranger! I have had a few friends throughout the years but these two ladies have encouraged me in ways they will NEVER know! I am sooo grateful.

So I say to you . . . There will always be a ray of sunshine in the midst of a storm. Look to the hills from whence cometh your help, your help comes from the Lord. He will always give you a rainbow at the end of the storm and you will experience JOY while going through PAIN. Be encouraged and look our for new items in my shop in the coming weeks. Also, dont forget to check out my friend Tess' shop on Etsy. (I have included a picture of one of the banners she sent me). If she was sweet enough to be a blessing to me . . . her gifts are heaven sent and she is gifted beyond measure. Share the Love!

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