Wednesday, April 6, 2011

EtsyMom Spotlight - Cobblestoned

I have been trying to post a new blog all week. I had lots of thoughts but no time to express them. I still dont have the time but I have committed myself to post at least once a week. Sooo. . . here goes! I have joined a couple of team on Etsy. For those of you who are not familiar with Etsy it is a site where alot of creative people who make handmade items have websites that you can browse and see their items and even purchase or make a special order if you desire. Today, I would like to spotlight the etsy site of one of my team members today. The shop has really nice jewelry. . . earrings, etc. . . I have seen a few items that I like and plan to purchase soon. My team friend is Kristina Pick and her site is Cobblestone, isnt that cute! :) I urge you to check it out. She has lots of avenues for you to do so. . . you can connect via . . .,,, I wouldnt suggest someone to you that I didnt think was talented or reputable. I also admire her entreprenural spirit and desire to be a great mom and design such beautiful items. Being a mom alone is hard work add a business and you are already over your head! LOL! So, while you are surfing the web, click on her site and check it out! In addition to my crocheted designs I also do balloons and vinyl, digital, handpainted signs and banners. I am working on a banner for a good friend of mine. Just found out that the store gave me the wrong version of a product I purchased for the banner. Im a little irritated because I have to make a 20-30 min drive to have it replaced. Gas is $4 and Im not smiling!!! So, Ill cut this short. Have a great day and remember to check out that site and share a smile today. Someone may really need it! God Bless.

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