Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advice to Help You Research and Practice your Way to a Successful Business!

"Quite simply crochet feeds the human need for balance in our lives.  Making something with our hands reflects something basic about ourselves.  We want to work hard without losing touch with our creative selves, we want to earn money without losing our souls; and we want to be a part of a larger picture of human progression while still maintaining our individuality" - Vickie Howell

In my quest to grow and develop my business and brand I have begun to research different areas of crocheting and the business side that goes along with it.  My eyes have really been opened because initially I just thought of it as a hobby.  If you think of it that way, then it will be as you think and believe.  But, when you begin to treat it as a business, then it will change and your mind, drive and actions shift.

Most mornings I wake up and listen to a motivational talk for the first 10 minutes of my day and or read my daily devotional.  This is done to get my mind ready to start my day and motivate me to think positively and to be in tune with God.  If Im running late then I read my devotional when I have a morning break.  Most important is that I take moments  in the day to read the word, pray and meditate to open myself to positive thoughts and actions.

A few months ago there was a series on "The secrets of Success".  One thing that was mentioned that really impacted me was that you must STUDY and become a student of what you are trying to do or pursue .  . . .(research, learn the facts).  It was also suggested that you watch someone you admire in the field that you desire to work in.  You should research the person or thing, learn the facts.  What avenues did he/she take to get where they are, are there any groups you can join to learn, google it, read up on it, practice it.  Don't be afraid to step out of your box.  Be diligent and NEVER give up.

I have recently begun my journey into the crochet world and started researching, studying, practicing and most importantly. . . . praying for direction.  I have found some helpful books that I would like to share with you in hopes that (if you arent aware of them) will help you develop also.  Most of these books can be purchased in the bookstore and/or ordered or downloaded onto your Kindle or Nook from Amazon.com.

Before you do anything, my first suggestion is daily PRAYER!!  Then, read the SUGGESTED BOOKS (not in order of importance)
1.  The Holy Bible
2.  The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
3.  Pricing Crochet Fairly for Maximum Profit by Sedruola Maruska
4.  Hooking for Cash by Sara Duggan
5.  Crochet for Profit by Sara Holmes
6.  Selling on Etsy (Turning your Hobby into a Profitable Business) by Megan Hutchman
7.  Pinterest Savvy by Melissa Taylor
8.  Blogging Made Simple by Michael H. Fleischner

There is a wealth of information in libraries and book stores on the shelves that will help you grow and get your creativity flowing.  Don't just look at the pictures and patterns, read the articles.  Sometimes there are jewels of information hidden inside if you don't take the time to read, learn, inform yourself.

There is also a lot of more information out there on the internet and on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Blog Sites .  Dont be afraid to ask questions, network, research, and try new things.  Also, don't be afraid to share what you know.  The saying is. . .  'the more you give, the more you receive".  Look into conventions and classes.  You will learn something new and meet someone new that will possibly impact your life in a positive way.

Social Media, (Facebook, Twitter, Blog Sites) hold a wealth of knowledge and, at times, connect you with others that are willing to share their knowledge and information.  Search on those sites to find communities or groups that you can join or follow that are in the field you are currently or endeavoring to become proficient in.  Dont be afraid to ask questions and/or give advice or share information.  Make yourself known .  Also, dont be afraid to share what you know.  The gift that you have has been given to YOU!  No one can take it away.  Everyone has their specialty and audience.  Your advice is just to help them on their journey.  By doing so you open yourself up to learn and grow!

This is something I am trying to do myself but I believe it will be beneficial to my life and business.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, books you have read that will be an inspiration or help, please feel free to share them.  You will be blessed as you become a blessing to others.  Each one, Help one.  Have a blessed day!

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