Friday, January 16, 2015

Finding Inspiration!

I decided to design a cute crochet dress for the spring/summer and found the cutest pink yarn to make it with (of course by now you know that pink, specifically fuschia pink, is my favorite color).  I also decided to write the pattern to share it with you.  The only thing lacking was a design and inspiration.

I started making the dress (without inspiration) and writing the pattern.  It didn't work!  I took it apart several times.  Its kinda frustrating and time consuming BUT, I'm kinda passionate about my designs and it's gotta be right.  It represents me, right?!!

Finally!!! I found my inspiration!!! I purchased the cutest wedge shoe several months ago and it is almost the exact match for the pink yarn.  Also, My birthday is almost two (2) months away.  Im gonna need a cute dress for dinner or whatever celebrating I will do.  Ok, so. . . . . what design will I create?  Well . . .  that also came together and I think I'm well on my way.  The only thing is that I only purchased one skein of yarn. (What was I thinking?) and I've already used it up.  I guess I will have to continue this post a little later.  I need to make a quick run to purchase more.  Hopefully they have enough for me to complete the vision.  I will keep you posted!

Before I go . . . .I need your opinion. What do you think?  Should I also add a strip of orange at the bottom to match the shoe or keep it all one color?  Please post your suggestions.  I would appreciate them.  See you soon, Smooches!

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