Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Whew! Last year was a rough one for me.  Many changes, disappointments, losses.  But . . . . there were also many victories, discoveries, risks taken, and chances to dust myself off, re-route and begin a new route to my life and dreams.

The New Year is here!  Every year I'm glad to see the other one leave.  There was no difference this year, but, I made a decision right before the end of the year that changed my perspective.  I have a peace about things and a hope that gives me strength to move forward into the unknown with optimism and joy!

Last year I wanted to design an a-line skirt with pleats. Once it was completed I had a problem finding someone to sew the lining for me.  I finally decided to to try to make it myself.  I took out my sewing machine and fabric and made it happen.  I was pleased with the outcome and finally had a chance to wear it this weekend.  I love it because its shiny and comfy but also cute!  My granddaughter told me she liked my skirt and asked me to make one for her.  I'm not really into creating designs for children but she asked and I must oblige!

If you're reading this post it means you made it into the New Year!  There were many days I didn't want to wake up and was angry that God woke me up.  I thought He was punishing me.  I realize that He has more for me to accomplish and I'm determined to find that path that was set for me and begin the process of walking in it.  I also realized last year that YOU have to create your happiness and pursue your dreams.  Never wait for anyone to do it for you or go on the journey with you.  You can love them along the way, get a little encouragement and/or advice but ultimately you must "gird your loins" and make it happen!

My prayer for you this year is that whatever it is that is hindering you from achieving your goals, making changes to unhealthy situations, or has you bound with anger, resentment, hurts. . . . let it go, release the extra baggage and Free yourself. Try your wings in 2015. They Work!

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