Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Raffle-poloosa and great Crochet Knowledge!!

After months and months of watching and waiting for "likes" on my Facebook page, I received my 100th "like"!  I pledged that once I reached 100 I would do a raffle/give-away to one or two of my fans.  Well, I also began a quest to find fellow crochet-addicts on facebook.  I did a quick search and found a few pages that I began following and posted my hello and introduced myself.  Before I knew it, I got several new fans and began friendships and learning new things.

I got so excited and engrossed that I realized I was up to 125 fans and hadnt raffled for the give-away.  So, yesterday I decided what I would give and my son (who I am so glad is still alive) selected the winners for me.  One winner, Keisha Rogers, lives in Los Angeles, CA and the other, Brittaney's Crafts, lives in Oklahoma city, OK and was introduced to my by my Aunt who resides there.  They were excited to learn that they were the winners and will be receiving their prizes soon!

Well, while I was searching for crochet and yarn enthusiasts, I friended someone who later suggested that I join a group called "blogging hookers" on Facebook, I also ran across a page of a woman who is a consultant for people who have exsisting or would like to began a crochet business.  Her page is "Yarb Obsession"  She is on facebook and has a website,  She recommended a book that I found on and downloaded to my Kindle which is her book, Pricing Crochet fairly for Maximum profit by Sedruola Maruska.  While looking for that book I also found others such as "Hooking for Cash" (10 ways to earn money with your crochet blog, by Sara Druggan; Crocheting for Profit by Sarah Holmes and The New Guide to Knitting and Crocheting by Marie Jane Cooper.  I have alot of reading to do but I so excited to turn the page and gather wisdom that others have learned while on the same journey that I am now traveling.

I run my business from home and hardly network with other crocheters.  I now realize that you must connect with like-minded people so that you can learn from eachother and encourage eachother while you are building your business or simply crocheting for recreation.  I have been praying that God open doors for my business to be successful.  I am so glad and blessed that He directed me to begin reaching out and therefore meeting new people and learning things that I did not realize were available to help me.

So, I am happy and excited to be able to share this information with you.  I hope and pray that if you were not aware of these books or pages that they are useful/helpful to you as they were for me.  Have a blessed day and Happy Hooking!!

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