Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oklahoma Fashion Week 2013

I just arrived home yesterday after experiencing the most amazing weekend ever.  I presented my crochet at the first annual Oklahoma Fashion Week 2013.  I was sooo emotional the month prior to the weekend.  I was a nervous wreck and worried about how people would perceive my looks.  The response was overwhelmingly great and now I am inspired to begin creating new designs and participating in other events that will showcase my designs and let them be seen. 
The entire experience was new, exciting and exhausting from creating the looks, making sure that I had all of the necessary items such as logo, business cards, updated website, personalized invoices, airplane tickets, linings for my
 dresses, and accessories.  Once I was there I was responsible for selecting models, fitting the garments, choosing the right accessories, and doing rehersals with and without the garments. 

Once the Runway show began, I was no longer nervous or anxious, I was calm, excited and ready for the show to begin.  The girls were beautiful and the garments looked magnificent on them.  I felt relieved and honored to be invited to showcase my looks.

I want to say that through the whole experience I felt God intotal control.  He gave me the talent and opened the door for me to participate in this experience.  This is the debut of Lovepetals Crochet.  Eyes have not seen nor ears heard what God has in store for us in the near future and years to come.  To God be the Glory!!!

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