Saturday, November 12, 2011

Too Sick to Crochet!

My hubby got sick last weekend and was down and out! He was laying around on the couch, blowing his nose, taking meds and clicking the remote all weekend. I, on the otherhand, spent that Saturday at the BLISS luncheon and hanging out with my daughters and we both went to church together on Sunday. Also, my new granddaughter had puffy eyes, and a snotty nose. Why did I think I was gonna be immune is a mystery to me!!!

By the middle of the week I began feeling sluggish. I tried to ignore it but it got the best of me by Friday. I have been bed ridden since then!!! I have no voice, I am coughing, feverish, hardly eating or drinking. And, worst of all . . . I HAVE NO DESIRE TO CROCHET!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I crochet morning, noon and night! I always take a bag of yarn and crochet needles with me almost wherever I go and I sit in bed at night crocheting until I can hardly see. However, this is not so this weekend.

I feel horrible, I have been in bed for two days and it doesnt look like things are gonna be any better tomorrow. I am a sickly person. But I dont remember feeling this horrible in a while. Also my middle daughter has been feeling ill and now she is losing her voice also. I have sprayed the house with Lysol and am waiting to see if it will make a difference.

I guess I should be taking a flu shot or whooping cough shot when I get better. I dont want to give the cooties to my grandchildren and I definately dont want to go there again. But, as I lay here thinking of this I guess I am giving my creative side a break for a couple of day. If I wasnt sick I would be crocheting, which I do without a break, and now I have the time to lay and think and visualize something new, beautiful and creative.

The other thing is I wanted to try to learn to knit this year! I learned but I am not as good at it as I want to be. I love how knitted items have a different look and texture than crochet. I want to be as good with knitting as I am with crocheting. Ill keep you posted on my efforts. I know it wont happen before next year, but it will happen!

Well, Im feeling a lil drowsy and I think its time to drink tea or theraflu and go to sleep. Thanks for stopping by. Take some Vitamin C, stay wrapped up and get plenty of rest. I definately dont want you to go through what I am feeling right now! Smooches!

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