Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is Handmade worth it?

I am a bonafide crochet artist.  I love it!  I live, eat and sleep yarn, needles, stitches, etc..  It is my desire to make something beautiful with hopes that someone, anyone would love it as much as I do and make a purchase.  I get lots of compliments on my work and some inquiries and very few sales.  It doesnt stop me.  Its my passion.  It does discourage me at times.  I see other artists making and selling items hand over fist and wonder why arent my sales going through the roof?

I just read an article on a blog that I saw posted on someone's facebook page.  It was titles, "The cost of handmade."  http://www.somersherwood.com/?p=126  The article was very true.  Most crochet items are one of a kind, uniques, custom and well made.  The price may be a little more expensive but you are talking about materials, experience and custom here!!!  My quibble is that most people want their item as a "pookie" discount.  Honestly, I give away alot of the items I make and mark the prices low because I REALLY want the person to have it.  Most times I walk away only making back what I spent.  Even on my Etsy site. . . Ive marked items low (which makes my items look cheap or not well made) but I find that if I mention a higher price, the little sales I make will disappear.  What can I do??? 

You wouldnt ask the sales rep at Target, Macy's, Bloomingdales, etc to give you a discount unless it was advertised or marked on the ticket.  Why is it that you are so quick to suggest it to a vendor who is out trying to make money off of their hard work and time? 

I dare you to take a chance, help the economy and your local crochet artist or any other artist out there honestly trying to make a living.  What you get will be unique, original, well made and you will get the satisfaction of supporting  someone's business and giving a gift that was thoughtful and made with love.  Try it and let me know what happened!

I say to you that Handmade is DEFINATELY worth it!  Most items are better than store purchased and you wont see someone else in that same item.  Maybe a different color or spin on it but definately not the same. (at least not from my website). But, dont forget to read that article on the blog.  It is a good read with lots of good information.  It will enlighten you.  Have a great day!

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