Wednesday, January 9, 2013


peach-multi beach coverlet 

As I prepare myself to participate in my first Fashion Week  it was suggested that I have a photo shoot to send PICS and a bio for the website. So, Saturday was my first photo shoot. It was planned at the last minute but I was VERY pleased with the results. My daughter, Aysia, and her friend Lexi were my models. They made my work look beautiful!

I didn't realize the work that goes into photo shoots, garments, accessories, make- up, poses, lighting, etc.  It was exhausting but worth it! I now have more of an appreciation for designers, models and everyone else involved in the process.  This was just a glimpse of my future. ( I'm claiming the success of my line. lol!)

Once I get the finished pics I'll add a few a day and notify you when my bio and PICS are posted on the Oklahoma Fashion Week website. My daughter had a few that the photographer gave her to upload to instagram.  She shared with with me so I will share it with you!  Keep me in your prayers. Enjoy & Smooches!

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